Services For Exporters

Access new & challenging export markets. Trade with Confidence

Find the Right Banking Partner- Mitigate Payment Risk * Avail Best Financing

Grow your Exports. Boost Your Profits

Are you looking to find the right bank to facilitate and finance your exports? Do you need specialist advice in structuring your trade transaction to access finance and mitigate buyer/buyer bank/buyer country risk?

We can assist exporters in India and around the globe with

  • Export Letter of Credit(LC) confirmation and Non-recourse discounting solutions
  • Review of existing LC confirmation and discounting arrangements/ solutions with relationship banks. Propose alternative solutions to reduce transactional costs
  • Forfaiting solutions for unconfirmed Letters of Credit
  • Avalized Draft Discounting solutions
  • Export Trade Credit Insurance & Off-Balance Sheet Factoring/Limited or Non-Recourse Invoice Discounting solutions.
  • Ad-hoc Back to Back Letters of Credit Issuance based on FI/bank risk ( Selective)
  • Irrevocable Reimbursement Undertakings(IRU) structured solutions
  • Stand-by Letter of Credit(SBLC) Confirmation arrangements.