Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories

India imports trade credit financing solutions

Getting the best rates in the market for Indian importers for suppliers credit, buyers credit and RA financing.

Sri Lanka Specialist

Arranged USD500Mn+ LC confirmation and discounting limits on LC's issued by Sri Lankan banks for clients worldwide exporting to Sri Lanka a variety of commodities such as petroleum products, agri commodities, fertilisers, steel and industrial raw materials, Information Technology products etc.

Significant cost savings

Saved over USD700,000 of export LC confirmation and discounting costs for a global commodity trader on their Sri Lankan oil LC's through intelligent structuring and syndication of LC's.

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia(CBE) /365 days line

Arranged over USD100Mn trade limits on CBE for one the top global oil trading company in the world.

Trade Loan Syndication

Instrumental in syndicating and arranging a USD20Mn - 1 year trade loan for a Sri Lankan bank using a risk participation structure.

Arranged a USD20Mn Financial Institution ( FI)

Trade Loan to a Sri Lankan Bank using a FX currency swap structure.

Avalized draft discounting solutions for drafts

Avalized by banks in Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Cote' D Ivoire, Morocco, Sri Lanka.

Africa LC confirmation and discounting solutions

Mauritania, Ethiopia, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Algeria, Libya, Djibouti, Madagascar, Malawi and many more.

Buyer risk mitigation solutions

For exports on open credit to Zimbabwe.

Credit Insurance-backed non-recourse invoice financing solutions

For a metals trader exporting to buyers in Uganda, Ghana and Malawi.

Credit Insurance backed factoring solution

For a leading steel exporter for their sales to a counter-party in Saudi Arabia.

Factoring of Services

For an Indian IT companies domestic billing in the Middle East through it's local subsidiaries.